Our Mission / Who we are

To help others rediscover their connection to the universe, God, Source etc., and to learn to heal on all levels, body, mind, emotions, and soul/spirit. To work with others to discover their own worth, purpose, and gifts to the world, and ultimately discovering and embodying self-love.  

After 10 years of health issues that couldn't be solved by western medicine, Michelle learned how to heal through plant medicine, and the use of whole foods.  After healing her physical body she moved on to healing her own emotional wounds through the work of energy healings, mindset, QHHT, meditation, and connecting to a higher power.   

Today she feels healthy, whole and at peace and now that she has healed herself, she wants to share that path forward with others.  Below is a list of services that she offers to help you and others discover your own path forward to the life you deserve and always dreamed of.  A life full of health, happiness, wholeness, peace and self-love. 

"Michelle you were meant to be a healer. You've always been incredibly kind and someone that I felt I could open up to, but the way you encourage vulnerability and healing is so beautiful. Connection with another human in this manner is incredibly powerful and I thank you for sharing that with me. I've been hard on myself a lot lately, but this session encouraged me to find my way back so I can heal."


Kaitlyn G.

"Michelle Truly has a love for helping people and you can tell in the work that she does how much she cares for people and humanity" 


Brian F

"Michelle is an incredible healer, with powerful gifts and such a strong intuition, Her genuine desire to help and heal others is truly inspirational!  I always feel so lucky and blessed to have a healing session with her!!!  It was a beautiful experience and one I will never forget!!!"


Talia M

I can help you to......

  • Break through your mental blocks
  • put an end to patterns in your life that are no longer serving you
  • find love
  • connect with the life force energy that is the source that is ALL
  • love yourself
  • create abundance
  • Recover from Mental & Emotional Trauma
  • Uncover Your Hidden Potential
  • Remember Who You Are
  • Understand Your Connection to Your Higher Self
  • Elevate Your Consciousness
  • understand your true purpose in life
  • Develop Your Intuition
  • Heal Dis-ease
  • Heal from Addiction
  • Create the life of your dreams


  •  Expand Your Awareness
  • activate your spiritual gifts
  • understand messages in the body
  • let go of the past
  • heal from trauma 
  • to forgive and let go
  • understand the things that have happened to you in your life
  • find direction
  • Break through Abundance blocks


Energy Mindset and Emotions Coaching Session (EME coaching session)


Get to the bottom of your triggers and learn how to move past them.  Understand the patterns that are showing up in your life and how to stop them from repeating again.  Learn the lessons that your soul is trying to teach you.  Learn how to let go, and to find self love, which will bring you peace. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)


Get in touch with your higher self, understand your purpose on earth, get answers you're seeking and healing, both emotional and physical.  Connect with the energy source of all creation and your higher self and get the answers and healing you've been searching your whole life for brining you peace on all levels. 

Energy Healing - Geo Love Healing


Uses Light energy from above, love, and sacred geometry to heal the mind, body and spirit.  Activate your spiritual gifts 

Soul Speak


Understand the reason and messages behind your illness and injuries.  Understand what your body is trying to tell you so that you can find relief.  

Geo Love Spiritual Gift Activation


Activate your connection to our creator and activate your spiritual gifts.  Opening your Third Eye and your spiritual gifts. 

Medical Medium Healing Breakthrough Session


Through the guidance of the Medical Medium books, your coaching session will include cleanse protocols, dietary improvements and supplemental guidance to help with healing in the physical body. 

See what our clients have to say about us....


Michelle is very confident, supportive and loving. She has a true calling!



Kim G.




The healing was amazing I had a new experience that felt awesome! Thank you so much, I love you Girl! 







I love Michelle. She is so very sweet and loving. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met!



Tarina J.


Michelle, you are an incredible human being with so much love.  You are an absolute natural when it comes to helping and healing others. I will never forget this session.  It was a m major breakthrough for me, and one that i have been struggling with for a really long time.  I am so grateful to have you in my life!!  Thank you so much for helping me through this!!!




Michelle has a unique ability to provide a  sense of empathy and an excellent intuition on not only what is being said, but what isn't being said as well. I was comfortable with the cadence and direction of the conversation the entire time as it is never stalled or needed additional motivation to maintain the momentum 



Loved being coached by you, Michelle.  Your genuineness and sincerity shine through.  You are open about your own struggles and I found this to be so incredibly helpful!