Meet Michelle Ovadia

As a child I always knew that I was here for a reason.  I knew that I wanted to help people and believed I had a message to share, but I didn't know what that message was just yet.  I knew that I had a passion for helping people and wanting to help them in ways that I wish I had been helped and supported, but I still didn't know what or how.  Many years passed, and I focused on my own needs to feel whole.  As someone who didn't feel good enough, always starving for my parent's approval and validation, I worked extremely hard in everything that I did.  I hit record numbers in record time in my career in financial services, both as a mortgage loan office and financial advisor, but that came a price.  My health, both physical and emotional, as well as my happiness.  In 2010 I started experiencing serious health symptoms such as vertigo, fatigue, near blackout episodes, brain fog, frequent dizzy spells, hair loss, trouble concentrating, a number of car accidents, and injuries, weight fluctuations, and more! All of this took a tole on my emotional well being.  A life where you struggle just to get out of bed is a hard life to feel motived or happy every day.  I was giving everything my all, but there wasn't anything left for me to give to me.  

I met with doctor after doctor, naturopaths, specialists, you name it, but no one had the answers to my symptoms or how to heal them.  I've spent over six figures trying to heal my symptoms including thyroid disorder which I was diagnosed with in 2015, but no one had the answers.  

It was then that I discovered a different way to heal.  I discovered the world of plant medicine through medical medium and reversed my thyroid condition in 60 days.  I lost the extra weight I had been carrying, and I had opened up the channel of light again.  Something we are all innately born with, but forget.  From this I was able to heal my physical body and get off 15 different prescription medications and side effects and had more energy than I had had in over 12 years.  The love I showed myself and my body the permission I gave myself to finally take care of me, instead of chasing financial success and accomplishments set me free.  But it didn't stop there.  

A year later I had a stressful event, a life challenge, that drove me to surrender, to our creator and ask to be at one with our creator and to serve humanity at large.  I was then sent on a journey of emotional healing.  I had to look deep into my inner core and see what needed healing.  I learned what true unconditional love really is, and how to connect to Source Energy/God and this truly was the greatest gift of all.  Through this I learned to let go of needing validation from others, from not trusting my own intuition, from needing to be loved by another human being, needing to people please and feel accepted, needing to be an overachiever and to be in a stressed out state.  I learned to SLOW DOWN, I learned what all the messages about my accidents, illness, and injuries were telling me all along and I learned to finally heal!!!  Through this I wanted to share what I had learned with others.  I wanted them to experience the same healing on all levels that I had as well as this magical connection to our creator and the universal consciousness. 

With that I worked diligently to master all the modalities and techniques that were use to heal myself along with developing a few of my own.  And so I come to you today, as a messenger, letting you know that you too can heal from it all!  You are loved so much by our creator and you were never meant to feel ill or be in any pain, be it physical, emotional, etc.  It's time for you to experience what true health, happiness and peace feels like and the feeling of completeness.  So let's journey together and have the best life you can have, the one you were meant to have all along and that you've always dreamed of. 

Education and Certifications

Do we keep this???

QHHT Practitioner Level 2 

Geo Love Energy Healer Level 3 (Master Level)

EME Practitioner (Approved and recognized by the national board of Certified Counselors, CCE)

Soul Speak Practitioner


Bachelors in Psychology